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Comparison of Simplified Oral Health Index (OHI-S) between Rural and Urban Middle School Students of Shahriar City (9390 Views)
Knowledge, Attitude and Practice of Elementary Schools Students about Oral Health in Yazd (9247 Views)
Typology of barriers to children's oral health (9079 Views)
The Role of Trained Mothers in Varnish Fluoride Therapy Program (8076 Views)
Evaluating mothers’ knowledge about the importance of primary dentition (7922 Views)
دندانپزشکی تحت بیهوشی عمومی در کودکان (7776 Views)
Evaluation of Parental Knowledge and Practice of Oral Hygiene Status in 7 Years Old Children in Kerman (7570 Views)
Relationship between oral habits and feeding behavior with increased over jet in the primary dentition among a group of 3-5 year-old children in Esfahan (7134 Views)
Evaluation of pulp vitality tests in children: thermal test, electric pulp test and pulse oximetry (6830 Views)
The quality of life evaluation in children 8-9 years old with bruxism in Hamadan city, 2012 (6593 Views)
Evaluation of sedative effect and safety of pregabalin in uncooperative children in dental clinic (6512 Views)
Fusion in primary dentition: a case report (6494 Views)
The effect of enamel moisture on tensile bond strength of composite resin using Single bond in total etch technique (6314 Views)
Irrigation efficacy of Calcipex II during cleaning and shaping on Enterococcus faecalis (6294 Views)
Prevalence of Permanent Dental Anomalies among Patient (6010 Views)
Investigating the sweeteners of current gums present in Iranian market (5943 Views)
Dentinogenesis Imperfecta type II: A case report (5854 Views)
Evaluation of effectiveness of educational pamphlet on mother’s awareness about first dental visit in 3-7 year-old children (5571 Views)
Management of inflammatory internal root resorption in primary molar teeth by using calcium enriched mixture cement: A case report (5510 Views)
Mothers’ knowledge and self-reported practice on management of traumatic dental injuries in 8-years-old children and it determinants (5378 Views)
Frequency of snack consumption in preschool children (5225 Views)
‌‌‌‌A comparative study of a commercial syrup and oral administration of injectable midazolam in pediatric dental sedation (5113 Views)
دستورالعمل ملی کاربرد فیشورسیلانت در دندانپزشکی کودکان (1389) (5108 Views)
Comparison of fluoride uptake of three fluoride varnishes on primary teeth enamel (5102 Views)
The relationship between Dermatoglyphics and Mesiodens (4939 Views)
Evaluation of skill and use of Information Technology (IT) among professors, postgraduate and undergraduate students in Kerman dental schools. (4620 Views)
آملوژنزیس ایمپرفکتای دندانهای دائمی و شیری :گزارش مورد (4405 Views)
The effect of enamel moisture on tensile bond strength of composite resin using Single bond in total etch technique (4235 Views)
Salivary Gland Tumors in Children (4228 Views)
Decay rates and retention of fissure sealant of first permanent molar at 6-9 year's old children in Isfahan (4044 Views)
Evaluation of relationship between socio-demographic factors and prevalence of digit sucking at 4-6 years old children (3980 Views)
Pulp Therapy for Primary and Immature Permanent Teeth in Children: Review of Literature (3577 Views)
Perceived barriers of mothers in brushing the teeth of their 3-6 years old children, a qualitative study (3447 Views)
Prevalence of tongue anomalies in children referred to Guilan Faculty of Dentistry, Rasht (3397 Views)
The effect of narrative therapy on anxiety, pain and anger dentists in dental care for children 8-4 years under the city of Neka and Sari (3354 Views)
.Evaluation of dental calculus prevalence in primary and mixed dentition period in Tehran (2011-2012) (3086 Views)
Comparison of knowledge, attitude and practice of general physicians, pediatricians & dentists regarding the children’s oral health in Tabriz. (3012 Views)
Evaluation of DMFT index among patients with thalassemia (2946 Views)
The survey of knowledge, attitude and practice of students to oral and dental health in Allameh Helli (1) high school in Hamadan (2920 Views)
Assessment of the clinical skills of dental students in the dept. of pediatric dentistry (2903 Views)
Comparison of salivary fluoride levels following use of Bath and Colgate dentifrices in children. (2889 Views)
The effect of the primary tooth extraction on the growth and development of 3-6 year old children (2849 Views)
Oral health among pre and elementary school children in Fasa at 2013 (2801 Views)
Evaluation of antimicrobial effect of chlorhexidine and two different concentrations of thyme essence in pulp therapy of deciduous teeth. (2752 Views)
Knowledge-based barriers on cooperation of students’ mothers in oral health programs (2731 Views)
Evaluation of oral health status of disabled students in a primary school (2728 Views)
Evaluation of dental caries prevalence between diabetic and non-diabetic adolescents (2681 Views)
General Dentists’ Practices on Dental Caries Prevention Services (2655 Views)
Dental reconstruction in hypohydrotic ectodermal dysplasia: case report (2642 Views)
The effectiveness Mindfulness training on reducing of anxiety and pain intensity resulting from dentistry procedures in children (2602 Views)
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